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An electrometer is a device that is used to detect and measure the charge of electricity. There are many to choose from including Electrostatic voltmeter. They are particularly adept at measuring significantly small levels of charge. 

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Phasing Stick

To detect and measure high voltages, phasing sticks – also known as hot sticks – are the ideal choice. They are convenient and relatively lightweight. They are easy to read and the unit is encased in a protective, plastic casing to ensure the safety of the user. Phasing sticks are most often used by utility workers. There is nothing more dangerous than working with live wires. Utility workers especially must follow specific procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. The housing that surrounds the phasing stick provides necessary insulation; however the workers must also wear specific gloves as an additional barrier. Phasing sticks are especially valuable for power companies working to repair live lines.

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The Importance of Safety When Using Hipot Testers

The term "hipot" is an abbreviation for high potential, meaning a high potential for high voltage. It is an essential form of electrical testing that is crucial to ensuring successful operation of electronics. Hipot testers are different than other testers in that they aren’t looking to identify good connections. Rather, hipot testers – or high voltage testers - are looking for what is termed “good isolation.” They want to be sure that no current, or no electricity, is flowing between points.

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Dielectric Testers

High potential, or high voltage testers are called "hipot testers". One type of hipot testing is dielectric testing. Dielectric testers detect errors or issues with electric components that could cause product failure or severe harm. This kind of testing gives results that help you more fully predict how the item under test will perform. Ongoing testing will keep track of any changes or issues that might lead to problems down the line.

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Electrical Resistance with Ohmmeters

One piece of electrical testing equipment that we manufacture is called an ohmmeter. An ohmmeter is a testing device that measures electrical resistance. There are two kinds of ohmmeters: digital and analog.

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Cable Testers

Cable testers are electrical testers that are used to certify, verify and qualify different types of cable not only during the installation of new cable but also to evaluate and troubleshoot any issues with existing cable.

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Understanding AC and DC Power Supplies

One of the most basic concepts when discussing AC power supplies and DC power supplies is to understand the difference between these two sources of power. Items or objects that use AC power supplies - or alternating current – in general, are appliances or objects that can be plugged into a wall.

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A Critical Step in Testing Electrical Connections

There are a variety of ways to test electrical connections to power supplies to ensure they are safe and consumer-ready. As a consumer, there is one thing you’ll need to know before conducting any sort of test on electrical products to do the test safely, make sure you read the instruction manual completely.

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