Custom Test Equipment Manufacturer in Toronto, ON


Criterion Instruments Ltd. is a market leader for electrical and electronic test equipment and has been since 1938. Our decades of experience as a custom test equipment manufacturer in Toronto, ON, give us the perspective and knowledge to take on a wide variety of orders. We are recognized in the electrical industry and utility sector as a qualified supplier, satisfying the ever-varying requirements brought on by more stringent test specifications imposed upon current electrical products.


Our equipment allows you to improve quality, energy management, and user safety with the confidence of thorough, reliable testing. You never have to worry about accuracy when you order from us. Most importantly, you’ll be able to deliver the results your operation needs and prevent major problems before they ever happen. Purchase our high-voltage test equipment to get the best readings every time.




We believe that the best results come from custom-tailored equipment, and our experience allows us to create definitive solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our company carries devices to measure everything from insulation resistance to the functionality of your cables. Every product we sell undergoes thorough testing for accuracy, durability, and intuitive design from development to implementation.


We don’t just want to deliver the most dependable test equipment in the industry. You deserve gear that’s easy to use, ready for worksite application, and able to perform under pressure. That’s what sets our company apart from the competition.


Our Insulation Resistance Tester doesn’t let hidden deficiencies compromise your electrical assets. Our testing devices give you the power to regularly monitor the state of your insulation. Designed to ensure effective readings in various environments, you can count on our testers to discover and demonstrate any insulation issue.


Keep Connected with Working Cables some of the most fundamental parts of numerous power systems and electrical operations, cables, and line cords are critical to your success. Make sure they’re always performing up to your standards with our equipment. We offer a wide range of trusted line cord and cable testers to suit your needs.


When high voltage testing and locating faults are critical aspects of your work, you need to be able to trust your tools. That is why our team is dedicated to ensuring that the equipment we service and supply operates as expected and provides the information required to do your job.

When the problem isn’t clear, and you need to know what you are dealing with, put your trust in our cable fault locators. Quickly and easily detect and diagnose hidden or underground cable faults with reliable equipment that offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our cable fault locator also includes an infrared camera to find above-ground issues.

Our high-voltage testers operate up to 40kV AC and 50kV DC to provide an impressive range of capabilities. Regardless of the high-voltage equipment that needs to be tested, we have the products that can get the job done. Dependable results are our promise to our customers because there is no room for error when working with high-voltage cables, transformers, and equipment.

If you have any questions about our products or require more information about their capabilities, please reach out to our helpful team. When you choose Criterion Instruments Ltd., you can place your order with confidence.




We can apply our skills to more than sales. Our team offers assistance with both new and used equipment. Whether you need to set up a device and ensure that it’s working correctly or fix one that’s damaged, you can call us. We only offer our repair and calibration services for equipment manufactured by our company.


Contact us for assistance with any customer equipment order. We proudly serve Toronto, ON, and the surrounding areas.