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Criterion Instruments has been in business for 78 years proudly serving customers with the finest in electrical testing Instruments. Whether you are a small or a  large electrical manufacturer, if you have the need for high-quality, custom testing equipment, our one-stop shop is here to satisfy your testing requirements. You may wonder why testing instruments are even needed. Testing electrical equipment is necessary for complying with CSA and UL safety specifications  and also to troubleshoot any problems of the electrical component.

If you are a business owner or if you are in charge of purchasing testing equipment for potentially high voltage electrical sources, you most definitely will want to work with experts who can point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing proper electrical testing equipment. Safety is no doubt your number one priority. You want to protect your employees and workers first and foremost, but you also want to protect the electrical sources they work with as well as the tools they use to get the job done. Having the right equipment and the right training about how to use that equipment is essential to making sure the job is done safely and efficiently, especially when you’re working with high voltage, or high potential (hipot) electrical sources.

Whether you are an individual or you are a business owner, there are many things to consider before purchasing testing products on the market today. So how can you know which is right for the job you have? How do you know that you will be getting the most for your hard -earned money? Well the simple answer is research. These testing tools require a good deal of knowledge to operate, so before you invest any money, you may want to invest time in researching and learning about how each can help you reach your goals. As always when dealing with anything electrical, safety should be your top priority.

As we have mentioned there are lots of different types of electrical test equipment on the market today. Hot sticks, or phasing sticks, are “voltmeters” designed to facilitate testing of high voltage lines such as utility poles or bus bars. In the units we offer, the meter is conveniently located and features a downward tilt for easy readability. The insulated probes of the hot sticks – or phasing sticks – can withstand voltage of 30kV ac for one minute for every 10 centimeters of probe length. These types of electrical testing equipment tools are most often used by trained professionals in the cable or utility industries. There are classes and certifications that must be completed and hands-on training so workers become experts in the care and handling of these cable testers and supplies. As with all electrical testing equipment, great care should be taken to adhere to all safety concerns and precautions. Our company, Criterion Instruments has been recognized by the Electric Manufacturing Industry as a qualified manufacturer of custom test equipment.



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