High-Quality Cable Fault Locators in Toronto, ON

Faults in a cable can lead to voltage breakdown, weakening a circuit or power grid in the process. Finding faults can be a time-consuming process. However, it never has to stay that way. Optimize your workflow and get accurate results with products from Criterion Instruments Ltd. We sell different types of cable fault locators in Toronto, ON. Thanks to our wide selection and experience in the electrical industry, we provide the solutions you need to extend your bottom line.


Our company has been serving electricians since 1938. We have built a solid foundation as an equipment supplier, and we stay up to date with the latest developments within the industry. As a result, we have developed a diverse array of testing equipment for electricians.

The Value of Current Leakage Testers

While electricity functions in predictable ways, people do not. Maintain your safety standards and ensure everyone on-site is protected from faulty wires with top-quality current leakage testers.

A current leakage test simulates the consequences of a person touching an exposed part, like a wire. The test determines whether the leaked current will remain at a safe level when it flows through their body. It acts as an important point of reference in case anyone is accidentally exposed to live electricity during their work.

Conductors are coated in insulation to shield individuals from the current running through them. However, since the voltage is sometimes an unknown factor, current leakage testers are the most practical solution to protect personnel.

In other cases, high levels of leakage may occur in circuits where electronic equipment includes filters, causing voltages that disrupt the standard operation of equipment. High-voltage testers and fault locators provide essential information about the equipment and pinpoint areas of concern.

If you require more information about the types of products we sell and our repair services, please contact our experienced team. We are committed to worksite safety and dedicated to ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

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