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Cable testers are electrical testers that are used to certify, verify and qualify different types of cable not only during the installation of new cable but also to evaluate and troubleshoot any issues with existing cable. Cable testers have significant implications for a variety of industries that are dependent upon telecommunications, including broadcast, media, health care, aviation, transportation, public safety, the military, cable manufacturers and more. Itís important to understand what the latest rules and regulations are within the industry to ensure the particular cable is in compliance and can deliver the telecommunications properly and without issue.

Cable testers can identify with a pass/fail standard whether a particular cable is compliant with national and international standards. The quality of the cable is also important to determine with cable testers to ensure the cable can withstand and support the latest technological advances. Do your research and feel free to ask questions of the manufacturers who make electrical testers. You want to make sure you are getting high quality, custom testing equipment to be able to do the job efficiently and safety with little risk. At Criterion Instruments, we have decades of experience and our expertise is unparalleled. We will answer any questions you have so you leave with full knowledge of how the tester works and the safest way to operate it in a live testing situation.

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