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Electrical Resistance with Ohmmeters

One piece of electrical testing equipment that we manufacture is called an ohmmeter. An ohmmeter is a testing device that measures electrical resistance. There are two kinds of ohmmeters: digital and analog. Most people prefer to use the digital ohmmeter because it automatically calibrates to the appropriate range needed for measurement. However, digital ohmmeters are a bit more complex; it would be beneficial to read the instruction manual to become familiar with the product for accuracy and for personal safety.

As with any electrical testing, it is absolutely imperative that all power be turned off and disconnected before beginning any electrical testing. There are a number of reasons for this. First, you could alter the results and possibly end up with a false or incorrect reading. Second you could damage the ohmmeter itself. Third, you could damage the appliance or piece of equipment on which you are conducting the test. And last and most important, by not disconnecting the power, you run the risk of personal injury or even death. Safety first!

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