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Phasing Stick

To detect and measure high voltages, phasing sticks – also known as hot sticks – are the ideal choice. They are convenient and relatively lightweight. They are easy to read and the unit is encased in a protective, plastic casing to ensure the safety of the user. Phasing sticks are most often used by utility workers. There is nothing more dangerous than working with live wires. Utility workers especially must follow specific procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. The housing that surrounds the phasing stick provides necessary insulation; however the workers must also wear specific gloves as an additional barrier. Phasing sticks are especially valuable for power companies working to repair live lines.

They don’t want to disrupt service to customers, so the advantage of working with phasing sticks is that repairs and regular inspections and maintenance can be conducted with little to no interruption of service. Also, during outages or needed repairs, it is often unclear whether specific power lines are considered “live” or “inactive.” Rather than take a deadly chance, phasing sticks help to get the job done without significant risk. Also, phasing sticks come in a variety of lengths depending on the maximum voltage level that they are made to test and accommodate many different uses for the measurement and detection of high voltages.

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