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Dielectric Testers

High potential, or high voltage testers are called “hipot testers.” One type of hipot testing is dielectric testing. Dielectric testers detect errors or issues with electric components that could cause product failure or severe harm. This kind of testing gives results that help you more fully predict how the item under test will perform. Ongoing testing will keep track of any changes or issues that might lead to problems down the line.

Basically, dielectric testing requires the application of a specific type of voltage to an electrical component that is greater than what it normally could tolerate. A measurement and reading is taken to see if there are any problems with leakage that could lead to damage, shock, and personal injury. It’s important to note that virtually every kind of electrical component has some kind of leak of electrical current; however when the levels exceed a determined amount, it can be considered dangerous for the user. Dielectric testers help to troubleshoot any leak levels that may be deemed dangerous or risky.

A breakdown test is done with dielectric testers whereby voltage is gradually increased on the electrical component to determine the breaking point. Also, what is known as a “withstand” test is done with dielectric testers whereby a set amount of voltage is applied to the component over a certain period of time to determine how long the component can withstand that amount of voltage.

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